Day Retreat for Women

Take time out for yourself and join me for a nourishing day retreat of Mindfulness and Yoga. We will start the day with some breath work to help us feel grounded and present. We will then move and stretch with a gentle yoga flow class that will enable you to find space in the body and eliminate built up stress and toxins. This morning session will finish with a guided mindfulness meditation, allowing you to experience the present moment which is deeply beneficial to overall well being. There will be time for a short break. The Hook and Ladder cafe is located downstairs. I will share with you tips and exercises for daily stress management . Soothing essential oils are available to enhance and aid relaxation before a restorative yoga class using props to deepen the benefits. We will end the day with a yoga nidra used to induce deep relaxation. Lastly, everyone will receive a replenishing green Goddess smoothie and energy ball. I assure you that you will leave feeling fully replenished in Mind, Body and Spirit. You can contact 087-7198587 for more information



New Year

We say a huge thank you to all our friends who came to share our space to practice in this past year. We are so delighted to have touched so many lives through Yoga, Meditation, Mindfulness, Pilates, etc. YourYogaCentre has given us as teachers a specially created space to teach and share with our students and we are very grateful to all who joined us. We made some great memories in 2018 and now we face forward and welcome a New Year and the opportunity to create even more wonderful memories. Our January timetable is available on the Class Schedule page here on our site for both our Corbally and our Dooradoyle studios. As you can imagine the New Year can be a busy season in classes so we would suggest once you choose the class that suits you best to contact the teacher direct by text to book your place. Even if you are a regular student to a class just drop the text to let the teacher know you can join again in January and your place will be held for you. We have a lot of workshops throughout the year as well so keep an eye out on our monthly updated Schedule and book yourself in direct with the Host. All Classes will start back in January at different dates so just check with the teacher if you need to confirm start date for this first term of 2019. HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone and we hope to see you in 2019. Namaste If you have any questions you can make a general enquiry to If you have trouble contacting a host teacher then please drop us an email and we will help you out.



Space to Teach

If you are looking for a space to teach your students then you might like to get in touch with us. Our studios in Corbally and Dooradoyle are available to rent to teachers of Yoga, Pilates, Mindfulness, Meditaion and similar wellness practices and workshops. For the coming New Year we have a small number of class times available so if you are interested in chatting about the suitability of the space for your practice, workshop or training course then just get in touch. You can email us to or call 085-8290648.



Sound Bath or Sound Journey Meditations

Sound Bath or Sound Journey Meditations A Sound Bath or Sound Journey create an amazing change in peoples stress levels and when stress is reduced the body and spirit can heal. This has been referred to as the Ultimate Relaxation Experience. With Dee in a Sound Journey, you will lie down comfortably, gently shut your eyes, and are taken through a guided meditation of breathing and deep relaxation. The sound then takes over and brings you on an inner journey to help you de-stress and release your tensions, pains, fears or what ever else you need to let go of, depending on the intention you set. Imagine all your cells and molecules dancing, dancing in harmony to the most amazing sounds, dancing their way to health and well-being, as you relax. This is one aspect of what sound healing and therapy creates. You will be immersed in sound, Dee will bath you with the sounds of her Tibetan Bowls, Crystal Bowls, Moon Gong and other instruments and then integrating that experience into silence. People bring a pillow, blankets and/or duvet, yoga mat, sleeping bag etc, to lie on and to make their experience as relaxing as possible. Workshops on the second Friday of each month in YourYogaCentre, Corbally (pre-booking advisable) DISCLAIMER: Sound therapy may not be recommended for people with epilepsy, pacemaker, and in the first trimester of pregnancy, please discuss this with Dee O’Connor. Contact Dee O'Connor Sound & Energy Therapist and Coach m: +353 83 181 3948



Enhance your Fertility Workshop Friday 4th November

This wonderful nurturing one day, supportive hands on Fertility Enhancing workshop will help you to embrace you fertility. The day will packed full of mind and body tips and advice optimising your mental, emotional and physical well-being including a fertility yoga class, proven stress reduction techniques, creative tasks, self-care skills, goodie bags, teas/coffees & treats. A wonderful opportunity for you to connect with others in a safe space who are also sharing your fertility experience…Hosted by Hazel Moon Fertility Care. To book your place or for more information contact or call 087-6750287



Mindfulness with Fergus

Fergus decided to become a mindfulness teacher after years of experiencing the power of meditation and living a mindful life. The benefits to one’s health and wellbeing from having a mindfulness practice are endless. From realising that ,the ‘pursuit’ of happiness, joy and contentment isn’t something we need to do, because we already have a ‘well’ of inner resources which provides us with all these, to living a life with greater clarity , awareness and compassion. “They say that meditation is the greatest gift anyone can give themselves. From my own experience, I have to say that this is so true.” Fergus runs 6 week mindfulness beginners’ courses. These are for anyone who is new to mindfulness or may have practicing for a while. Mindfulness is thought through a blend of mindfulness based stress reduction, mindfulness based cognitive therapy and positive psychology. So you will learn how to meditate , live a mindful life, reduce stress and anxiety, excessive worry and rumination, have a more positive outlook on life , live a more balanced and authentic life and much more. Tuesday evenings 7.30pm-9pm in YourYogaCentre, Corbally. To book a place or to get in touch with Fergus email or call 087-7732467



Combo Yoga & Pilates for Men starting October 15th

7 Benefits of Yoga & Pilates just for Men • Flexibility • Core strength • Stamina & Muscle Strength • Reduce Stress • Improve productivity, focus and concentration • Improves cardiovascular strength • Promotes healthier physical and mental body This class will be suitable for Beginners and those of you with a little more experience. If Yoga or Pilates is something you have always wondered about and never had the opportunity to try then now is your chance. This class is designed for Men only and will focus on the needs of their bodies. This will include improving fitness, flexibility, core, balance and muscle strength. It will also give you the opportunity to reduce stress and help you to better your physical as well as your mental body. We will combine the movements of Yoga and Pilates in this class to help us achieve a positive result from taking part. This is a short 6 wk term to allow students to feel the benefits of including Yoga and Pilates in their fitness regime. Starts Monday October 15th 7.45pm – 8.45pm Location : Corbally Studio Cost : 60 euro for 6 week term Book by email to or text 085-8290648



Meditation Workshop October 20th

Healing the past, creating the future Talks & guided meditations Oct, Sat 20th | 10:00 to 13:30 | with Kadam Adam | at Your Yoga Centre, 1st Floor, Hook & Ladder, Corbally Rd, Limerick Discover how to heal the past and create the future you want through understanding the law of karma. We all want to feel in control of the destiny of our own life. Everyone simply wants to be free from problems & suffering and feel confident that we are creating the happy, fulfilling life we wish for. Many of our fears and anxieties come from not feeling we have this control over the destiny of our lives. In this meditation workshop, Kadam Adam will explain how understanding and living in accordance with the natural law of karma empowers anyone to change this. We will discover how we can develop and maintain the confidence and peace of mind that comes from feeling in control of the destiny of our life. We will explore how if we can imagine the life we want, we can create it. If we create the inner causes or karma, for the happy & fulfilling life we wish for, that is exactly what we will experience, in time. In particular we will learn proven meditations & practises known as ‘purification practise’. This practice enables anyone to purify – or heal – the karma that currently gives rise to our problems & suffering. This karma, which is the legacy of our past negativity, is not fixed and we can all become free from it. We will discover as we purify our karma, we heal our life. In this way we can all become the creators of our own reality. We can create a life filled with inner peace, happiness & freedom, from the inside-out. Suitable for beginners and those with more experience, the morning includes talks and guided meditations, with time for Q&A. Workshop fee: €30 Includes tea, coffee and pastries For more information contact Telephone:01 492 7136



Pilates Workshop for Sports 16th September

This workshop will be focused on explaining the benefits of including Pilates in your training program as an Athlete. Introducing participants to Mat Pilates and explaining how Pilates can enhance your sports performance as well as help your body to prevent injury. You don't need to be a professional sportsperson to take part but if you are currently taking part in a competitive sport and would like to join Greg for this workshop then contact him and book your place. Contact details below. Workshop fee: €15 For more information contact Telephone: 085-1705227



September Classes and Workshops

We hope you enjoyed our wonderful summer and are now ready to settle in for your Autumn routine. If you hope to include Yoga, Pilates, Meditation, Mindfulness etc in your routine for the coming months then you will find a list of our classes and workshops for September on Class Schedule page above ( scroll up from this page ). We welcome alot of new teachers and their students to YourYogaCentre. We do our best to have a good variety of classes and workshops for everyone to enjoy and hope that you get an opportunity to attend them. If you have any questions on any of the classes or workshops on our timetable then just get in touch directly with the Host teacher at the phone number listed opposite the class details. If you have difficulty contacting the Host teacher direct then send us an email to and we will do our best to help you out.


Exciting News

Our 2nd Studio in Limerick due soon

We have some exciting news for you... we are working very hard on opening our 2nd studio in Limerick.. All we can say right now is that we will bring Your Yoga Centre to the southwest side of the city so all our friends in the area of Dooradoyle, Raheen, Crecora, Mungret etc will have their own access to a selection of our great teachers and classes. if you are a teacher and would like to share your practice with your clients in this area then just email The new studio will be a wonderful cosy intimate setting and we will look forward to welcome you all with an open and warm heart. Keep an eye on this page for updates. We hope to announce soon an opening date for mid September. Please SHARE the news 💕



Modern Energy Tapping

Foundation Course - Modern Energy Tapping. One day course introducing participants to the power of Modern Energy Tapping helping not only yourself but also your family and friends to use this technique to eliminate stress and anxiety. For more information or to book contact Ber Collins directly at 086-8103342 or check out



Morning Pilates with Fabienne

Start your day with Fabienne and her Pilates class. Suitable for all levels. New term starts from Tuesday morning 9.30am July 17th. Fabienne is a Graduate Sports Therapist BSc and holds Advanced Diploma in Pilates so brings lots of knowledge and experience to her class. This is a perfect class for you to venture in to the world of Pilates or if you are a seasoned pro then Fabienne has lots challenges for you too. Book your place to start next week by contact her on 087-6020551 < <