Thank you for joining my site page. My name is Carol O’Shea. In 2016 I established YourYogaCentre which offers Teachers the space to practice with their students. We have enjoyed many years of wonderful people coming together to practice together and we look forward to many more in the future.

Fitness has been part of my life and my family’s life for as long as I can remember. After many years of gathering experience and knowledge in the world of fitness, rehabilitation and wellness I now love and enjoy working with people who want to get fit or improve fitness in body and in mind. I am passionate that fitness should be available to every body. So it has been my goal for the last number years to widen my knowledge and help students interested and committed to get fit and healthy. Carol

” Learning a habit of a lifetime is challenging but fun too “

Interesting Facts & Tips

"Yoga and Pilates are tools to keep us in shape but more importantly, they are to be enjoyed"

"You don't have to be flexible to do Yoga or Pilates. You just need to be willing to show up on your mat, see what happens and enjoy the journey"

"Appreciate that you arrived to your mat to practice and commit to enjoy the experience"

"Practice for you, not for anyone else"

"Remember to respect how your body feels when you present at your mat for your practice"

Classes & Locations

Classes & Locations

Location – Corbally, Limerick

Classes are held in-studio in our Corbally location. There is a selection of classes available by independent Teachers which are open to everyone to book and a selection of classes and workshops which are closed to private groups only.

Below is a list of classes with availability. Contact Host Teacher for more information and for details on prices.

Location – Virtual Studio

Our Virtual/Online studio offers a variety of classes – details below

Location – Portugal

We are currently running classes and workshops in-studio from our location in Vilamoura, Portugal.

Information on our Virtual Studio and our Portuguese location classes below. Follow link below schedule to book your place

Your Teachers

Our instructors and Teachers are providing their classes independently and carry with them diverse styles and experiences. Each brings a kindness and inspiration to their class. Contact your Host Teacher directly for more information on their classes

Yougle – Your Google

Top Tips to Share

About almost anything that lifts a little stress and leaves a big a smile

Have a nice top tip you would like to share? Tips to make daily chores easier, Simple easy Recipes, Cleaning tips, really any little tip you think we would all like to try or have fun with. Simply share with me here email us

To clean your yoga mat put a few drops of tea tree essential oil in a spray bottle with water and just spray and wipe with a clean cloth. You can add few drops of lavender to have your mat smelling nice and calming for your next visit. The tea tree will help kill the germs.

Don’t put on handcream before you start your practice on your mat … unless you want to slip through your practice

Start your day with a detox by drinking a glass of water before you drink or eat anything else – a super cleanse and detox – aids weight loss

Gift Vouchers & Pricing

Gift Voucher

Just click link below that will bring you to options of various value of Gift Vouchers to purchase. Your Gift Voucher will follow purchase by email to your email address so that you can send on

Fees & Rates

Fees and rates of classes and courses are available from your teacher directly

How to get in touch with us



(00-353) 85 829-0648 Ireland

(00-351) 912 826 163 Portugal

Or contact your Host Teacher directly



  • Online sessions are a great 30 min yoga workout. They are really well organized with lots of booking options. G Larkin
  • I started yoga more that 2 years ago and now I practice every day. I love my improved strength, fitness, flexibility and energy. Collette W
  • I’ve been attending Carol’s classes for a few years now and since lockdown I’ve been taking her classes online. Carol is a great and very knowledgeable yoga instructor. She makes her classes an enjoyable experience, catering for everyone from beginners to the more seasoned yogi. I highly recommend yoga with Carol to everyone. J. Furlong
  • Carol is an inspiring and thorough yoga teacher. Both in person and virtually Carol delivers explicit instructions through every pose and flow. This skill serves to encourage people who are new to yoga to work safely and confidently through their class . Equally Carol’s voice prompts yogis how to improve their form and challenge their body. Carol’s voice is mesmeric and will enhance a state of relaxation for everyone lucky enough to join her on the mat. Aishling R

Thank you for your kind words. Your kindness inspires me. Carol x